Vaše metrologie na klíč

Portable Probe Measurement and 3D Scanning

  • optical and probe measurement
  • the measurement of large parts
  • machine alignment check
  • surveying of buildings, production halls and other premises
  • digitization of cultural heritage
  • flexible solution for use directly at the customer's site

What is our equipment?

  • portable FARO ScanArm arm with a range of up to 4 m (can be extented)
  • FARO Laser Tracker system with a range of up to 25 m
  • wide range of accessories
  • SW Polyworks

Mobile laboratory and calibration at the customer's site

  • we will come to your place and perform calibrations or measurements in all fields
  • great saving of time and money
  • you no longer need to transport your gauges
  • no need to have spare gauges for the calibration period
  • you can take advantage of the presence of our technicians for advice, calibration of larger instruments or training
  • the fastest way to calibrate
  • minimal impact on the production process

Turnkey metrology

  • services of an external metrologist
  • gauges database management
  • implementation of the metrology system in your company
  •  ntroduction of Palstat metrology software for gauges management
  • audit preparation

Don't know how to set up metrology in your company?
Do you need to know how to set a calibration period for your measuring instruments? Is your product defective?
Do you need to consult your measuring procedure?
Are you looking for a calibration company for your laboratory's standard equipment? Not sure how to understand a drawing or standard?